BRSS Audubon set up a bluebird trail in lower Westchester County, NY, in 1998. It has grown to over 175 nestboxes all over Westchester County and into Putnam County.

The goal is to increase the population of the Eastern Bluebird by placing and monitoring nextboxes in as many good bluebird habitat locations as possible. While doing this, we give free educational programs to the public teaching bluebird ecology. We demonstrate that actions by individuals have the power to directly effect the survival of a species.

Contact us at brssaudubon@gmail.com to get involved with our Eastern Bluebird Project.



  1. I live on the west side of the Saw Mill River Parkway in Chappaqua, and
    last week for the first time saw a male bluebird at my feeder for goldfinches. I am surrounded by woods and about an acre of open space and would love to have a nesting box or two.

    Grant Ujifusa

    • Usually one acre of open space surrounded by woods is not open enough for bluebirds. However, I have learned that bluebirds don’t read the manual. You could put up a bluebird nestbox and see what happens. You can usually buy one at a good garden nursery, like Rosedale, which isn’t too far from you. You can also get one at the Wild Bird Center, a store specializing in everything for bird watchers. It is located in Hartsdale, at 400 Central Park Ave. (914-713-0630). I put all our nestboxes on poles in the open and recommend you do the same. Look for a sign on the bluebird nestbox that says it is approved for bluebirds by the North American Bluebird Society. It will then be the right size for bluebirds.

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