Posted by: Sandy Morrissey | March 26, 2017

Bluebirds here and new homes and location added to our trails

Saw my first bluebirds today in our area. Drove to N. Salem and checked out the nestboxes in Outhouse Orchard, and other locations along Hardscrabble Road. It was frigid and snow still on the ground, but did see a couple pairs of bluebirds. I was happy not to see any nest building yet. Way too cold for this.

Was most thrilled to see this male at Pequenakonck Elementary School sporting one of our bands. Picture isn’t great, but I could make out a band on the right leg.

BB w band - Pequen school

Yesterday we added a new location – The Mariandale Retreat and Conference Center in Ossining, a property of the Dominican Sisters of Hope. All the credit goes to Sr. Bette Ann. She organized families who are involved with the gardens there to spend the morning learning about the bluebird and building nestboxes.


After much industry, five new homes were ready to install.


Thanks to these bluebird enthusiasts for their hard work. I added the hardware needed to install them and by noon, the bluebirds had more nest sites!


A very special thanks to Sr. Bette Ann for her zest to bring the bluebird of happiness to all who stroll the grounds of this quiet retreat center.





  1. Great Bluebird news! I see your Bluebird boxes every where I go! I don’t know how you do it! You inspire me!

  2. Interesting. On Friday I checked GOH. Observed no action. In fact saw no birds. Maybe
    Wrong time of day, it was noon. All the houses are still there. Will check again later this week.

    Lydia Blake

    • Thanks for monitoring the nestboxes, Lydia. I’ve gone frequently to Gate of Heaven all winter, as I like to see the wintering ducks in the lake and other interesting birds. I, too, haven’t seen any bluebirds around, but let’s hope they return soon.

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