Posted by: Sandy Morrissey | February 1, 2017

Bluebirds thank Mike Vaughn for his latest batch of nestbox kits


My friend, Mike Vaughn, just completed making us a new batch of 40 nestbox kits. This is the third time he’s done this for us!

His report:
54 roofs; 40 backs; 41 fronts; 82 sides; 44 floors. Drilled 122 holes (not that I was counting).  15 gallons of sawdust (seriously, that’s a real number).”

That’s a lot of sawing, Mike. I zoomed in and read what’s on his shirt: “I’m still standing.” Amazing after all that work.

Thanks so much, Mike!



Forty new nestbox kits ready for Girl Scouts and other bluebird enthusiasts to hammer together and make new homes for our bluebirds, which will be look for nest sites soon.






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