Posted by: Sandy Morrissey | May 4, 2016

1st Bluebird babies! 1st Tree Swallow Eggs

1st bluebird nestlings have been born in our area, which is Westchester County, NY. Banded our first nestlings on May 2. They were born on April 26.

1st nestling band of year - Rock 3A (Medium)

Out of curiosity, I decided to check the date of when the first nestlings were born in our area since I started this banding project in 2011:

2011   April 27
2012  April 20 (after very warm winter)
2013   May 4
2014   May 7
2015    May 1
2016   April 26 (warm winter but cool spring)

I’ve heard from readers in the south. Their bluebirds are a month ahead of us here in the northeast. I also think they get 3 broods, which is highly uncommon here. Lucky them!

Someone said “go” among the Tree Swallows, and they’ve started laying this week. The earliest date of first egg was April 28th. I expect a lot of reports of Tree Swallow eggs this week.

TS 1st eggs of 2016 (Medium)

I expect more eggs to be laid in this typical Tree Swallow nest lined with feathers

We don’t get many Black-capped Chickadee nests, because we locate our boxes in areas that are more open than the chickadee usually likes. However, we occasionally do get one. I’m enjoying this chickadee nest at Harts Brook Park, which is near my house in Hartsdale.

Chickadee nest

The first egg just arrived in this chickadee nest when I checked on May 2nd. Hopefully the competing tree swallows and house wrens leave it alone. The bluebird has often nested in this box, but it chose another this year.






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