Posted by: Sandy Morrissey | April 29, 2016

Zero to 45 in 10 days!

We now have 45 bluebird nests with eggs. All happened in the past 10 days.

We have 3 nests with 6 eggs. So looks like my prediction of a higher than normal number of nests with 6 eggs will come true.

We have three nests of white eggs.

BB White eggs

Two are in nestboxes in Gate of Heaven Cemetery. Most interesting is I captured the female in one of the nests and she wasn’t banded. I was sure she would be either one of two females that produced white eggs in the past two years. Or, I though she might be an offspring of one of these females. That would have contributed to the theory that producing white eggs is a genetically passed on trait.

I  have banded all of the offspring of the two females laying white eggs at Gate of Heaven. So I was most surprised when I captured the female in one of this year’s nest of white eggs. She wasn’t banded!

Here’s my first band of the year:

1st band of year - Gate of Heaven 8

I will report back when I capture the other female with white eggs at Gate of Heaven. Since less than 5% of females lay white eggs, it will be most amazing if she isn’t one we’ve captured before – or an offspring.

At the French-American School of NY, there is another interesting nest of white eggs. One of the eggs appears tinged with blue. I believe the blueish egg is from another female. A case of “egg-dumping.”

FASNY BB white  eggs - 1 blue

There’s always interesting sights along our bluebird trails!







  1. This is a question, I have at least 4 babies / fledglings who are coming to the meal worm feeder. First one with a parent who was feeding it and this morning at least four. I like watching them of course but fear that they will become dependent on that feeder. I am due to be away for a couple of weeks and worry about what will happen when the feeder is empty. By the way, I love getting these emails. Betsy Nininger

  2. Oh, aren’t you so lucky to have bluebirds in your yard and can watch them up close. I have no experience with providing meal worms, as my yard is not open enough to attract bluebirds (doesn’t stop me from trying). I would say the bluebird parents are perfectly capable of finding food for their young, and BTW, wouldn’t it be about time the babies found food for themselves! I wouldn’t worry about being away. Glad you are enjoying my posts.

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