Posted by: Sandy Morrissey | May 2, 2015

First Bluebird Babies are Here!

 And the winner is: Camp Addisone Boyce. These are the first bluebird babies of the year, as far as I know. They hatched yesterday, May 1. The nestbox is in Rockland County, at a Girl Scout camp. The box was built by two Girl Scouts working on their Bronze award. It’s been a most rewarding nestbox ever since, producing multiple broods of bluebirds every year since 2012.

1st BB babies 2015 CAB-jpg

Two Boxes with Six Eggs

While the nesting season is still off to a slow start, we have 2 nests with six eggs. One is at Scarsdale Golf Course and the other at Outhouse Orchards in N. Salem. Last year (and after a cold winter) we had only one nest with 6 eggs. One year we had 6 nests with 6 eggs after a very mild winter. Did not expect many nests with 6 eggs after this cold winter and spring – but the bluebirds don’t always read the manual.6 BB eggs at SGC

White Eggs

While white eggs are rare, we have a nest with 5 white eggs at St. Andrews Golf Course. Last year we also had a nest with white eggs at Gate of Heaven Cemetery. That female was banded and I’m hoping she nests again. Will be most interesting if she does and again produces white eggs. Or if we capture any of her banded offspring and they produce white eggs.  It is thought to be a genetic trait. For a complete discussion of white bluebird eggs, visit this excellent bluebird website:

IMG_9605 (Medium)

Spotting lots of bands

I have a great camera with a 50 power zoom (Canon SX50 HS). I used this instead of binoculars to determine if our nesting bluebirds have bands before I have a chance to capture them. I’d say over half our nesting bluebirds are “ours.”

BB male w band SGC (Medium)

BB female w band SGC (Medium)

Here’s looking at you kid!

And for the fun of it…..BB female SGC 2015 box C2 (Medium)

Female guarding her eggs at Scarsdale Golf Club


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