Posted by: Sandy Morrissey | April 29, 2011

Great start to bluebird season on BRSS trails

We now have 12 confirmed nesting bluebird pairs with eggs. Two locations have two pairs – Lake Isle Country Club and Saxon Woods Golf Course.

Out first known babies were discovered on April 28 in N. Salem. They will be the first to be banded – hopefully May 2 if all goes well.

sparrow spooker

Sparrow Spooker experiment

Clare Goreman and Jeff Zuckerman were thrilled to discover bluebird eggs in one of their nestboxes on Lake Isle Country Club. It has taken several years to have this success. Today they reported a second nest with bluebird eggs. Last week they witnessed a house sparrow take control of a box where a bluebird pair had built a nest. We decided to try a “sparrow spooker” for the first time. This is recommended in several bluebird books as a good way to keep sparrows away from an established nest. See picture to see what a sparrow spooker looks like, but basically it is strips of mylar hanging over the roof. House sparrows are not supposed to like it, but bluebirds will tolerate it, especially if they have laid eggs. In this case, the bluebird had not laid eggs yet, but we could see that the HS was in full control. This is an experiment to see if the HS will abandon the nestbox.

We’ve had good luck with the Gilbertson nestboxes. Last year we had 3 bluebird pairs use them. This year we have eggs in two and a third nest looks promising.

Gil nestbox w eggs

Our bluebirds have adapted to the Gilbertson style nestbox.


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